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Randy Barnett - The modern day Robert Nozick.
Longer Bio


Frederic Bastiat - ESCOLA LIBERAL
Biografia por von Mises
Biografia por The Library of Economics and Liberty
Links from the Institute for Humane Studies


Allan Bloom - A crise social e política do séc. XX foi uma crise intelectual.
Citações por Allan Bloom
Recensão de The Closing of the American Mind by the Claremont Institute


Clint Bolick - The successful and well-respected intellectual libertarian litigator.
Biografia da Hoover Institution
The legal organization he started, The Institute for Justice
The current organization he leads, The Alliance for School Choice



Patrick Buchanan - Um dos grandes conservadores sociais
Bio and related links
A nova revista, The American Conservative



William F. Buckley - sible for giving conservatism an intellectual side in the second half of the 20th century, he was the founder of National Review and the host of Firing Line.
Prior columns (National Review Online)



Edmund Burke - O Filósofo inglês da liberdade
Brief Bio
Two-page Tribute on the 200th anniversary of his death
Edmund Burke Society


T.S. Eliot - Um apreciável poeta modernista inglês.
Brief Bio
T.S. Eliot page
T.S. Eliot Shrine


Milton Friedman - O primeiro economista libertário da Chicago school of monetary economics.
Bio - Hoover Institution
Milton Friedman resources
Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation



Barry Goldwater - The Conscience of a Conservative. Began fusing libertarianism with conservatism in the 60's and 70's. Most famous quote: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."
Arizona tribute page
The Goldwater Institute
Discurso de 1964 aceitando a nomeação para candidato do GOP



Friedrich Hayek - O fundador do  liberalismo económico no séc. XX.
Bio por von Mises
The Friedrich Hayek Scholars Page
Hayek Center for Multidisciplinary Research



David Hume -filósofo político utilitarista
Brief Bio and links
The Hume Society



Thomas Jefferson - Our third president and a Founding Father with an I.Q. of 200, responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence. Renowned for his opposition to a strong centralized government and championing of states rights.
Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
The Thomas Jefferson Papers from Congress


Paul Johnson - HIstoriador inglês, antigo esquerdista  e conhecido pelo Modern Times.
Recensão de livros por Paul Johnson



Willmoore Kendall - Um dos the founders of the American conservative movement after World War II.
The Willmoore Kendall site
IC's review of The Conservative Affirmation


Russell Kirk -  American traditional conservatism, as opposed to libertarian-conservatism.
Website dedicado a Russell Kirk

The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal
Kirk's Six Cannons of Conservative Thought



John Locke - The British philosopher of freedom.
Biography and summary of Locke's beliefs
Long bio and reviews of his books
Some of John Locke's works in print on the web



Ludwig von Mises- The leading Austrian economist who promoted freedom.
Ludwig von Mises Institute, the "paleolibertarian" think tank
Bio and information from the Institute
IC book review of Method, Money, and the Market


Reverend Richard John Neuhaus - Fuounder of Institute for Religion and Public Life, he has led the neocon movement to defend cultural values against liberalism and secularism.
IRPL's Journal of First Things
His article, The Liberalism of John Paul II



Robert Nozick - The quintessential libertarian philosopher.
Brief Bio and related links
Summary of Anarchy, State & Utopia
Memorial page
Richard Epstein's memorial article (NRO)


Ayn Rand - The founder of Objectivism, which proscribed individualism fused with secular morality.
The Ayn Rand Institute
The Ayn Rand Society
All About Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand Bookstore
Conservative criticism of Ayn Rand's philosophy
IC book review of Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal


Ronald Reagan - Considered by many conservatives to be one of the top five presidents, he brought about the fall of communism and ushered in the rest of history, where democracy is acknowledged as the only viable government. Saw America as "the shining city upon a hill."
White House biography
Reagan Information Page
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library



Murray Rothbard - Led the renaissance of the Austrian School of Economics.
Bio from Libertarian Studies
Bio and more from von Mises
Articles on LewRockwell.com



Adam Smith - Considered the father of free market economics, which was based on his moral philosophy.
Brief Bio
The Adam Smith Institute



Thomas Sowell - Easily one of the top five greatest syndicated columnists today, Sowell has never been shy to stand up to the diversity elitists.
Thomas Sowell Web site
Prior articles



Lysander Spooner - Legal theorist of the 19th century and an early individualist anarchist who espoused natural law.

Lysander Spooner Web site
The Spirit of Lysander Spooner



Leo Strauss - The philosopher who inspired the neoconservatives.
Article on Leo Strauss and the Straussians
Essay on Leo Strauss and the NeoConservatives
Leo Strauss discussion list
Leo Strauss links


Alexis de Tocqueville - The French traveler best known for his 1835 book praising the fledgling U.S. democratic government, Democracy in America.
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
In Search of Tocqueville's Democracy in America
Quotes by Alexis de Tocqueville
Links to resources


Eric Voegelin - An Austrian who fled Nazi Germany to the U.S. to teach, he believed that the wars and chaos of the twentieth century were the result of Western civilization's detachment from its foundational transcendental realities.
Bio and Links
Eric Voegelin Remembered



George Will - Today's most prominent intellectual conservative columnist.
Prior Columns




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